Whether it is a company Town Hall, a Team Meeting, an Influencer Convention, or a Start-Up Forum, I can tailor a speaking engagement for your growing brand love needs.  Popular topics I am being asked to provide guidance on:


  • What is “Brand Love”?  Why do I need it and how do I best develop it?

  • How can I better market myself to brands?

  • What is “influencer marketing”, and how does it fit into a Brand Love strategy?

  • How do I select and manage a “Brand Love” Team?  What kind-of talent do I need? How do I brief and evaluate work?  How much should it really cost?

  • Do I need a 3rd party property to credential my brand?  If so, how do I select the right one? How do I develop a value-driven relationship?

  • Is a social sustainability program right for my brand?  How do I get the most out of it without it feeling too self-serving?

  • Can you give me an insiders perspective on how my agency can better serve clients?